Paul J. Scott

Board Member EBCC since 2016. Founder and President of GoingClear Interactive

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paul-j-scott-web-developmentI have been extremely fortunate to join the East Boston Chamber of Commerce as a board member in 2016. I am excited to work together and see what we can do. My focus, is on assisting with the refinement of branding, web presence, digital strategy, business directory, messaging all with a goal of helping local businesses to understand the benefits of the EBCC and how they can maximize building their business through partnership with us here at the Chamber.


Background and Professional Summary:

Founder and President of GoingClear Interactive located in Boston, Massachusetts, I’m driven by a passion for the web services industry with a focus on building user-friendly, scalable innovative website properties. From the small business website package type project that needs an effective and results-driven online presence which optimizes their conversions and grows their business, to complex back-end web programming based custom web apps for large corporate, government or brand new startup businesses, I enjoy being part of the discovery, building and post-launch growing process for any business I work with.

Equipped, with 15 years of Internet experience, my company – GoingClear Interactive serves clients across the country from our Boston office. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve continually fused my passion for progression, entrepreneurship and the Internet, growing GoingClear Interactive from a small web design shop working with local clients to a full-service web design, web development and internet marketing firm working with clients large and small companies alike.

Our typical website projects fall into three types which are:


1) Small business websites which really focus on helping make a difference in their business online and collectively.

2) Larger corporate and government projects where focused discovery sessions, scalable website builds / web development and proper launch and maintenance programs are key to any project.

3) Startup website based projects where we are essentially tasked with building custom web applications (AKA Web Apps) for companies, startups, corporate projects and more.


If you have a need for web design, web development, eCommerce websites, custom web app development for your company or startup and or just want to connect and see how we can align our services, get in touch with me at and or (617) 649-7200.