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TradeLink Systems, Inc.


999 Broadway


Phone : 339-600-7330

Fax : 339-600-7335


TradeLink Systems, we tailor our customs brokerage and freight forwarding solutions to meet your product needs and your business goals. Whether you’re sending or receiving small computers parts or $5M jet engines, TradeLink logistics will help keep a production line running smoothly and sales on target. Yes, we do the basics. Your imports are processed through the Automated Broker Interface, our direct link with U.S. Customs, and other web applications ensure that your shipments meet all regulations no matter at what U.S. port they arrive. For your exports – whether you’re shipping to a major market or to a remote mountain village – there’s no limit to the destinations our worldwide network will help you safely reach. But TradeLink goes well beyond the basics with intelligent solutions and services that make us unique in the logistics industry. For example, we use proprietary software such as “TLS-73” to maintain compliance for defense trade clients who are temporarily exporting strictly regulated items. Using TLS-73, the TradeLink team is able to accurately track and reconcile State Department license activity for controlled military parts and products, so that our clients can focus on efficient global production and supply of those products. With solid experience in a range of industries, TradeLink offers complete solutions to businesses transporting products as complex as fighter aircraft engines, or as straightforward as beads and yarns sourced worldwide. Let us show you the intelligent solutions TradeLink can offer your business, too.

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