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Piers Park Sailing Center


95 Marginal Street


Phone : (617) 561-6677

Fax : (617) 561-0564


Business Hours: M-F 9am-5pm; Sailing Opened May 1-October 31st 10am-Sunset


Located on the waterfront in East Boston, Massachusetts, the Piers Park Sailing Center (PPSC) is a 501(c)(3) community sailing center dedicated to providing affordable year round recreational, educational and personal growth opportunities for people of all ages and abilities through sailing and other activities in Boston Harbor.  Our outreach program affects the lives of hundreds of at-risk youth, provides empowerment through our fully accessible sailing facilities for people living with disabilities and acts as a center for waterfront activities for the entire community. Our vision is to be the premier organization utilizing the marine environment to deliver accessible, high impact programs to a diverse spectrum of people of all ages and abilities in an inclusive, enriching, and empowering environment.

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