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L.J. Rogers, INC.


296 Bennington Street, East Boston, MA 02128


Phone : (508) 672-8888


At L.J. Rogers, we go the extra mile.

L.J. Rogers, Inc. was founded in 1996 by Laura (Rogers) Mullin and her brother Paul. Their goal? Help companies streamline the importing and exporting process by providing answers and eliminating the confusion surrounding government regulations and international trade. L.J. Rogers was one of the first customs brokers in the country to file entries remotely (RLF) to all major ports including New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Houston.

Our team of experienced freight forwarders are accustomed to moving cargo of all shapes and sizes by air and sea into and out of the United States or between any two points on the globe.

We have two licensed Customs brokers on staff who are capable of arranging Customs and Participating Government Agency (PGA) clearances for any cargo anywhere in the United States. Our team has particular skill and expertise in the areas of seafood and medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Our global partners provide us with the required resources to efficiently move goods world wide.

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