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Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs


252 Meridian Street East Boston Ma, 02128


Phone : 784-484-6993


The Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs was the first locally owned health club company in Boston. We've been your neighborhood place to work out for over 25 years and have grown from our first small club on Beacon Hill to a network of seven facilities throughout Greater Boston. We offer the newest, state of the art weight training and cardio equipment, and the most innovative group exercise programs anywhere. We introduced STEP™ to Boston in the '80s, Pilates and cardioboxing in the '90s, MMA in the '00s, and the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) concept in the '10s with our AfterBurn and ZONE5™ programs. From Pilates to Spinning™, yoga to jiu jitsu, we not only offer it, but also feature the most talented and motivating instructors anywhere.   We pride ourselves on convenient locations, sparkling clean facilities, and the friendliest, most engaging staff in the industry. We've been called "The Cheers of health clubs," and we couldn't be more proud of that comparison. Every neighborhood needs a local bar, a couple good restaurants, and a health club. We're happy to serve that role.   What makes our clubs unique is the comfortable, friendly feel the BHAC is known for. It's our staff that creates that feeling and has made the BHAC the Boston area's favorite neighborhood club for over 25 years. We're not owned by a big public company or a venture capital firm; we're owned by a bunch of guys from Newton, Melrose, and Brighton.

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